CJ SteelFast
Quality Fastener Products at Competitive Prices
Welcome to CJ SteelFast Co., LTD!
A professional fastener manufacturer and exporter based in Shanghai, China. It is 100% dedicated to providing fastening products and services to fastener importers, wholesalers and distributors in North America.


        Low-Carbon Steel
        High-Strength Steel
        Stainless Steel
        Plastic Strip Nails
        Coil Siding Nails
        Bulk Nails
        Angle Finishing Nails
        Coil Framing Nails
        Clipped Head Nails
        Coil Pallet Nails
        Cap Nails
        EG Bulk Roofing Nails
        Fine Wire
        Coil Roofing Nails
        GS Wire
        L Wire
        P Wire
        N Wire
        BCS Wire
        Hammer Tackers

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