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A professional fastener manufacturer and exporter based in Shanghai, China. It is 100% dedicated to providing fastening products and services to fastener importers, wholesalers and distributors in North America.

About us

CJ SteelFast Co., LTD  is a professional fastener manufacturing firm and exporter located in Shanghai, China with a sales, warehouse, and distribution capability in the United States of America. It's 100% geared toward North America market with a monthly export capacity of 350 tons. Its product line includes nuts, bolts, studs, rods, washers, screws and nails per the specification of IFI, DIN, JIS and customer blueprints. Among others, it serves the industries of commercial, industrial, agricultural, construction, automotive, petroleum, and household appliance.

The unique and strategic combination of China-based production facilities and a direct sales point of presence in USA enables us to provide quality fastening products at competitive prices, and bring maximum cost savings to customers in the North America region.

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