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A professional fastener manufacturer and exporter based in Shanghai, China. It is 100% dedicated to providing fastening products and services to fastener importers, wholesalers and distributors in North America.

Sales and Distribution

Some of the sales and pricing terms are as follows::

  • "Delivered (DDP)" price term: This term covers everything all the way to the customers' warehouse, which includes freight, insurance, customs entry, customs duty, miscellaneous fees and charges. It is the landed cost to the customer, and frees them from dealing with USA Customs and freight forwarders.
  • "FOB China" price term: This term gives the customer of employing their own freight forwarder to ship products to USA, in which case they need to do customs entry  and pay customs duty.
  • "CIF  USA" price term: With this term, we pay the freight all the way to a major city closest to the customer's warehouse, and the customer needs to o customs entry  and pay customs duty.
  • "Stock and Release" price term: If necessary, we may store products in our 3rd-party contracted warehouse in USA, and release per the customer's schedule.

Additional sales terms are available. Please contact us for more information.

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