CJ SteelFast
Quality Fastener Products at Competitive Prices
Welcome to CJ SteelFast Co., LTD!
A professional fastener manufacturer and exporter based in Shanghai, China. It is 100% dedicated to providing fastening products and services to fastener importers, wholesalers and distributors in North America.


        Low-Carbon Steel
        High-Strength Steel
        Stainless Steel
        A307: Gr. A, Gr. B
        SAE: Gr. 5, Gr. 5, Gr. 8
        A193: Gr. B7, Gr. B16
        A320: Gr. L7
        DIN: Class. 8.8, Class. 10.9, Class 12.9
        Carriage Bolts
        Hex Cap Screws
        Hex Machine Bolts
        Hex Tap Bolts
        Square Head Bolts
        Heavy Hex Bolts
        Flange Bolts
        Lag Screws/Bolts
        Guardrail Bolts
        Timber Bolts
        L-Shaped Anchor Bolt
Production Range:
        1/4" ~ 2-1/4" in diameter

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